Central Region

Aurora - US Air ForceThe Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) has been represented on the Central Region Team since its inception.  NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center, located in Boulder, Colorado, operates 24×7 to continually monitor and forecast space weather.

There have been several projects over the years related to outreach and education for both SWPC and space weather overall.  These include:  development of visualizations for Science on a Sphere displays, interactive handouts for Education and Outreach resources, and a 2 pager on SWPC.  The Central Region Team has worked with NWS HQ to include space weather in seasonal safety campaigns for both the fall and winter and created a variety of resources related to those efforts.  Additionally, the Central Region Team supported development of  a total of four YouTube videos on space weather overall and tailored videos focused on impacts to Sun imagethree sectors:  Power, Communications and GPS.

In 2017, the Central Region Team is proud to unveil a Space Weather Toolkit.  The objective of the Toolkit is to create a website in a format organized and tailored toward sharing information quickly and easily.  Since space weather information is not routinely needed, it can be challenging to know how to basic information and resources.  That is where the Toolkit steps in to help to organize materials the Central Region Team has created, along with many other resources on outreach and communications, components of the Space Weather Prediction Centers most used resources, training modules, and more.

Check out the Space Weather Toolkit to explore and learn more!

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