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The Runoff Risk Advisory Forecast (RRAF) is a unique forecast tool which shows the day-to-day risk of runoff across an area. This interactive map is customized It provides decision support down to a family farm level, applies to all surface Runoff Risk Advisory Forecast Mapmanure and fertilizers used, and is closely coordinated with the states. Started as a pilot in Wisconsin, the RRAF has spread to several other Midwest states and is expanding to provide service delivery nationwide as part of both NWS and NOAA Annual Operating Plans. The NOAA Central Region Team also fosters connections and relationships between from the region with those in the Gulf of Mexico. This collaboration provides opportunities for NOAA to come together on projects related to hypoxia, as well as for other potential ecological forecasting initiatives.

The RRAF is a tool that is well received among partner communities, and has expanded to include numerous states and federal agencies.  The National Weather Service recognizes the potential implications of the work and plans to include the tool within its AOP.

Runoff Risk - tractorIn 2009, the NOAA Central Region Team realized the opportunity to collaborate with the Gulf of Mexico Team would be of great benefit to build and strengthen relationships to connect the Gulf to the Upper Mississippi River Basin.  The teams met together, and unfortunately, shortly thereafter, the Deepwater Horizon accident occurred, forcing the teams to put their collaboration on hold.  In 2014, the Central Region Team renewed efforts to connect with the Gulf.  In both 2014 and 2015, the Team met in the Gulf of Mexico region to foster relationship building.  In 2015, the Team shared an expanding project which showed promise in helping the Gulf Region with the daunting challenges of hypoxia.


For more information, visit http://www.manureadvisorysystem.wi.gov/app/runoff_about

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