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The National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS), Kansas Water Office, NOAA Regional Climate Services and National Drought Mitigation Center will be presenting a regional Drought Outlook and Assessment Forum on July 24th in Colby, Kansas. The Forum, is part of a series of events and informational webinars held since the drought became firmly established. The morning session focuses on the evolution and outlook of the drought, including presentations from those involved in monitoring, assessing and predicting our climate. The afternoon session features panel discussions on issues of concern and management practices relative to the multi-state region. The panels will feature researchers, managers, extension, and producers from Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska.

Final Agenda_ High Plains Drought Forum

Notes_High Plains Drought Forum

Attendee List – High Plains Drought Forum

Presentations from the High Plains Drought Forum

Regional Climate Services – Doug Kluck
Doug Kluck, Central Regional Climate Services Director, NOAA/NCDC

Current Status and Climatological Evolution of 2012-2013 Drought – Mike Hayes
Mike Hayes, National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC)

Seasonal Outlook and Prospects for Improvement – Doug Kluck
Doug Kluck, Central Regional Climate Services Director, NOAA/NCDC

Assessment Panel Sessions

Crop and Soil Management for Water – Chuck Rice
Chuck Rice, Distinguished Professor Soil Microbiology, Kansas State University – Moderator

Water Supplies Panel – Toby Dougherty
Tracy Streeter, Kansas Water Office Director – Moderator
Slides provided by Toby Dougherty, City Manager, City of Hays

Rangeland Management (supporting cattle)
Eric Banks, Kansas State Conservationist, NRCS – Moderator

For more information contact Bethany Perry at Bethany.perry@noaa.gov or 816-268-3133

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