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Many resources are available for the general public as well as NOAA employees. Here you will find presentations, fact sheets, images, reports, articles, Mmeeting materials, and more.


The NOAA Central Regional Collaboration Team distributes a quarterly newsletter, E-Central News>NOAA in the Heartland, highlighting team activities, items of regional interest, and the range of unique and exciting work NOAA accomplishes in the Central Region.

  • October 2010 -  NOAA’s role at AirVenture 2010; Aviation services to benefit the National Airspace System; IWT Improves Severe Weather Warnings; New NOAA Regional Climate Service Directors; Rich Webber, Center Weather Service Unit Meteorologist-In-Charge
  • April 2010 – Fire Weather in the U.S.; Australian Exchange Program; Fire Weather Research; Incident Meteorologist Workshop; Jennifer Zeltwanger, Aviation Weather and Fire Weather Program Manager, NWS Central Region
  • January 2010 – Omaha/Lincoln, Nebraska Integrated Warning Team (IWT) Workshop; Climate Activities: Looking Back at 2009 Engagement; Native Peoples Native Homelands Workshop; Daphne Thompson, Educational Outreach Coordinator, National Weather Center
  • October 2009 – El Nino; Warning Decision Training Branch; NOAA Scholar and Fellows at NOAA’s Air Resources Lab; Andrea Ray, Physical Scientist, NOAA’s Earth Systems Research Lab
  • July 2009 – Vortex 2; Joint Activities with the Gulf of Mexico Team; Getting to Know NOAA’s Central Team Part 2; Kathleen McKillen, IT Specialist, Space Weather Prediction Center
  • April 2009 – Getting to Know NOAA’s Central Team; The Space Weather Prediction Center; Spring Activities; Ross Mackay, Kentucky State Geodetic Advisor
  • January 2009 – Introduction to the NOAA Central Region; Corn & Climate; WAS*IS; Beyond Storm Warnings; Scott Dummer, Hydrologist-in-Charge, NWS North Central River Forecast Center

NWS Diversity Workshop – Social Science, Social Media, and a Diverse Audience – June 12, 2013

NOS Science Seminar Presentation Oct 18, 2012

Education materials


Drought Images – Western Kansas 2013







Regional Collaboration Team Meetings

Summer 2011 – Joint Meeting with Great Lakes Team – St. Paul, MN

Summer 2010 – Asheville, NC

Spring 2009 – Joint Meeting with Gulf of Mexico Team – St. Petersburg, FL


NOAA Visualization Lab
One Pagers
One Pagers

Brochures and handout materials- perfect for quick reference or to utilize in engagement and outreach opportunities!

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