Central Region

Space Weather is a global issue with complex events can have significant economic consequences and have the potential to negatively affect numerous sectors, including:  communications, satellite and airline operations, human space flight, navigation and surveying systems, as well as the electric power grid.

The Central Region Team has supported the development of many materials and resources that help promote education and outreach on NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center, space weather, as well as impacts.  These materials include:



What is Space Weather and the Space Weather Prediction Center – Provides an overview of space weather and NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center.
NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center – Education and Outreach Resources – A collection of many resources available for education and outreach opportunities.



NOAA Weather Partners Video:  An Introduction to Space
Weather and the Space Weather Prediction Center
Provides an introduction to space weather and the role of  NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center.

NOAA Weather Partners Video:  Space Weather Impacts: Power
Explains how geomagnetic storms can create electrical currents which can result in significant impacts on the electric power grid.

NOAA Weather Partners Video:  Space Weather Impacts: GPS
Outlines how GPS systems can be interrupted by space weather storms.

NOAA Weather Partners Video: Space Weather Impacts: Communications
Presents potential consequences of space weather storms on communication and technology.


Science on a Sphere

NOAA Science on a Sphere:  Space Weather Datasets
Data visualizations displayed through an interactive system featured in science museums across the globe and accessible online.


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