Gulf of Mexico Region

NOAA in the Gulf of Mexico Region


The Gulf region has many capabilities both within NOAA and through our extended partnerships with other federal and state resource agencies, the Gulf of Mexico Alliance, universities, and non-governmental organizations. Together we are addressing priorities to collectively address major challenges to healthy and resilient communities in the Gulf region. Many of these challenges are exemplified by the Gulf of Mexico Alliance’s Priority Issues: water quality, habitat conservation and restoration, ecosystem integration and assessment, nutrients and nutrient impacts, coastal community resilience, and environmental education. NOAA plays a critical role in the stewardship of valuable Gulf of Mexico resources by leading efforts for better science in support of habitat restoration, sustainable growth, and developing hazard resilient communities.

The Gulf of Mexico region contains expertise across the full suite of NOAA’s disciplines, including the areas of hurricane response, climate change, integrated assessments of ecosystems, community resilience, citizen engagement, coral reefs, habitat restoration and conservation, protected resources’ critical habitats, fisheries and aquaculture, energy resources, and ports and shipping. This diverse expertise is reflected in the Gulf of Mexico Regional Collaboration Team, with members from across the region and all Line Offices. The strength of each component is amplified by the regional collaboration effort, which coordinates activities from across the agency with those of partners to accomplish larger-picture outcomes.

In addition to employees and facilities, NOAA enjoys close partnerships with regional entities, including but not limited to:

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