Gulf of Mexico Region

The NOAA Gulf of Mexico Region Team is comprised of NOAA employees and partner members representing a variety of expertise. In addition, the team is led by a Regional Team Lead and supported by a full-time Regional Coordinator.

Regional Team Lead:
Brian LaMarre – Meteorologist-in-Charge
National Weather Service – Tampa Bay Area, FL
Regional Coordinator:
Kristen Laursen
National Marine Fisheries Service

What We Do

NOAA established the Regional Collaboration effort to support integrated, regionally-tailored implementation of NOAA-wide programmatic priorities and provide a more systematic approach to both internal and external communications. NOAA has a responsibility to produce relevant, reliable and timely scientific information to support decision-makers and fulfill its stewardship mandates. Regional Collaboration enables NOAA to achieve this by identifying and applying NOAA’s full range of capabilities, within and across regions to improve our productivity and value to stakeholders.

How to Get Involved

Contact the Gulf of Mexico Regional Collaboration Team

NOAA’s Next Generation Strategic Plan

We are continuing to build our web presence and outreach tools. Check back here for updates and information on regional meetings and engagement opportunities!

For more information contact:

Kristen Laursen
Email: Kristen Laursen
Phone: (727) 824-5301
Location: St. Petersburg, FL

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