North Atlantic Region

Fisheries, Satellite and Environmental Data Workshop

Discussions are ongoing at the Fisheries, Satellite and Environmental Data Workshop.

ReCo Goal 1: Address regional challenges by connecting people and resources

The NART-sponsored Fisheries, Satellite and Environmental Data Workshop occurred on November 29th in Narragansett, RI and was led by the Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC). It included presentations about satellite products available at the East Coast Node of NOAA CoastWatch, environmental data at NOAA’s National Environmental Data Center (NCEI), and an introduction about other satellite data products in development at NEFSC. Brief presentations from NEFSC scientists described their current projects and highlighted fisheries’ satellite/environmental data needs.

Three working groups emerged from the workshop. The first will focus on data specific needs of fisheries scientists and will look at options for data delivery tools. The data products working group will develop a data “cheat sheet” that will include descriptions of existing data products, where to get them and who to contact. This group will also formally identify fisheries-specific data product needs and create use cases for new product development. The third working group will work towards developing a bottom temperature product for the Northeast Continental Shelf region.

This workshop successfully connected people and resources across line offices to address regional data needs and products. In addition, there is interest in having a follow-up workshop mid-FY’18 to discuss the progress of the current working groups and to identify additional collaborative projects.

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