North Atlantic Region

Massachusetts Roundtable Attendees at the Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Reserve

Massachusetts Roundtable Attendees at the Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Reserve.

NOAA’s North Atlantic Regional Team has identified nine separate projects in our FY17 workplan. Several are a continuation of existing work, including our wave run-up work which is in its fifth year, and is making an exciting transition from being a regional product to a national one. We will also execute our fifth joint internship in partnership with the Mid-Atlantic River Forecast Center and NOAA’s Chesapeake Bay Office, and fund one for FY18. Lastly, the NART will continue to support the National Weather Service/NOAA Fisheries cooperative research project to pilot collection of meteorological data on drifters and fishing vessels.

Our two foundational engagement projects designed to build NOAA’s interdisciplinary capacity and organizational integration will continue this year: our thematic engagements with Congressional district staff (aka Congressional roundtables) and our NOAA regional expertise directory (


New for this year, the NART is sponsoring NOAA travel to convene three one-day workshops. The first will be a meeting of NOAA staff engaged in the Mid-Atlantic with the focus on NOAA science and services for the urban area. The second workshop is convening satellite and fisheries experts, with the focus on potential specific fisheries/ecosystem projects that would benefit from satellite data. The third will focus on ocean planning efforts and bring in key experts for emerging coastal and ocean uses.


The NART is also focusing on resilience in the North Atlantic by characterizing and assess NOAA’s resilience tools. This project will have an internal understanding of NOAA and partners tools offered in the region and also, obtain feedback from stakeholders on which tools are the most useful and why.

Finally, due to the success of our congressional roundtables, the NART is expanding this model to the 12 federally recognized tribes in the North Atlantic. We plan on engaging with the tribes and develop, participate and execute at least one tribal roundtable in FY17.

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