North Atlantic Region

NART FY18 Operating Plan PublishedNOAA’s North Atlantic Regional Team has identified eight separate projects in our FY18 work plan. Several are a continuation of existing work, including our Chesapeake Research Consortium Internship work, which is in its six year. Last year’s wave run model is making an exciting transition from being a regional product to a national one.

Our foundational engagement projects designed to build NOAA’s interdisciplinary capacity and organizational integration will continue this year: our thematic engagements with Congressional district staff (aka Congressional roundtables).

We will also expand this pilot program with “Getting to Local,” whereby allowing city and gubernatorial officials the opportunity to better understand NOAA contributions in their communities.

The NART will also continue its support of its Emerging Coastal and Ocean Uses. This ongoing NART project will identify and closely examine a topic through a proactive workshop that features experts and other NOAA partners focusing on an important emerging coastal and ocean issue that cuts across government and non-government lines. The final product will be a summary white paper of ideas and recommendations for wide distribution.

New for this year, the NART is sponsoring an internship to address gaps in data management in support of the Public Access to Research Results (PARR) initiative. A series of webinars, tutorial workshop(s), and a summer internship position have been planned for FY18.

The NART is also focusing on resilience in the North Atlantic by The final deliverable will be a prototype online viewer of NOAA’s heat prediction information and historical climate information, which could combines readily available health information from CDC, social vulnerability information from the Census Bureau, and data layers from city and county GIS services to produce a unified view of heat risk and responses which can be deployed.

The NART is also working to develop an Emergency Response Plan to help establish an organizational structure and procedures for response to major emergencies in the North Atlantic. This initiative will help streamline regional coordination by increasing asset awareness across line offices.

Finally, due to the success of our congressional roundtables, the NART is continuing to expanding this model to the 12 federally recognized tribes in the North Atlantic. We plan on engaging with the tribes and develop, participate and execute at least one Tribal Roundtable in FY18.

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