Pacific Islands Region

Coastal and Marine Spatial PlanningThe Pacific Islands Regional Planning Body (PI RPB) has two teams moving forward with ocean planning, and two additional teams that were created in October 2017.

The American Samoa Ocean Planning Team (ASOPT) consists of non-federal and federal agencies, including NOAA’s National Ocean Service and National Marine Fisheries Service.  A draft plan is expected in December 2017 that incorporates the stated vision, goals, and objectives.  The ASOPT is also gearing up for extensive stakeholder engagement.

The PI RPB’s Data Team is a collaboration of federal and non-federal agencies, as well as other organizations such as PacIOOS.  NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management and National MarineCoastal and Marine Spatial Planning Fisheries Service are both involved the development of the data portal and mapping interface, a primary benefit and product of CMSP.

CNMI and Guam’s Ocean Planning Teams were created in October 2017.  They both will have different parts of NOAA participating with other federal and non-federal agencies to develop ocean plans for those territories.


POC:  Sarah Pautzke,

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