Southeast & Caribbean Region


Hurricane Products Webinar

NHC Senior Hurricane Specialist and Warning Coordination Meteorologist Dan Brown conducted a webinar on April 29, 2015, sponsored by NOAA’s Southeast and Caribbean Regional Team. Dan began the webinar by discussing forecast challenges NHC faced during the 2014 hurricane season.  Dan also talked about recent NHC product changes that were aimed at better emphasizing tropical cyclone hazards.  NHC’s 2015 product changes were also covered.  These changes include a new prototype Storm Surge Watch/Warning Graphic, new categories for the NHC Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook, additional mixed-case text products, and an updated cone size.  Dan concluded the webinar by showing new NHC online outreach material that highlight the wind and storm surge hazards. The webinar was attended by more than 175 emergency managers and members of the media.

Dan’s Presentation (audio and visual – note that the first 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the presentation are audio only and screen will be dark)

PPT Presentation (visual only)

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