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Hurricane Storm Surge

Hurricane Storm Surge Products Webinar

NHC Hurricane Specialist Robbie Berg conducted a webinar on May 20th, 2015, sponsored by NOAA’s Southeast and Caribbean Regional Team. Robbie began the webinar by discussing the challenges in forecasting storm surge and communicating warnings clearly to emergency managers and the public. He provided a primer on storm surge modeling and then reviewed NHC’s 2015 storm surge product changes.  These changes include a new prototype Storm Surge Watch/Warning Graphic for the public, and a Potential Storm Surge Flooding Map intended for decision makers. Additional information on these two products and map examples are available online at:

Users are encouraged to provide feedback on this experimental product by using the brief survey and comment form available online at:

Robbie’s Presentation (audio and visual – note that the first 2 minutes and 9 seconds of the presentation are audio only and screen will be dark)

PPT Presentation (visual only)

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