Southeast & Caribbean Region

Three experts from across NOAA conducted a webinar on November 19 to explain the past, current, and predicted effects of El Nino in the Southeastern United States. The webinar, sponsored by NOAA’s Southeast and Caribbean Regional Team, opened with Victor Murphy, program manager for NOAA’s Regional Climate Service, providing a review of 2015 weather and climate conditions in the Southeast. Chip Konrad, director of NOAA’s Southeast Regional Climate Center, provided a primer on El Nino and described regional impacts from recent El Nino events. Jon Gottschalck with NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center explained the winter outlook for the Southeast region, including expected conditions from a possible record breaking El Nino.


In addition, the Southeast Regional Climate Center has released (Nov 2015) an assessment and outlook of possible impacts of El Nino on the Southeastern United States.


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