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NOAA, in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), announced the release of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico regional Coastal Wetland Reviews, including the South Atlantic Review. The Coastal Wetland Reviews can help state and local wetlands managers identify key information gaps and determine what is needed to address the ongoing loss of coastal wetlands.

The reports are a compilation of information from literature reviews, land cover change data, permitting data, and informed stakeholder opinions and observations on the underlying causes of wetland loss and how to better protect wetlands in coastal watersheds. A series of meetings with stakeholders in coastal watershed throughout the South Atlantic, Mid-Atlantic, North Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico were convened. The objective was to better understand regional stressors and wetlands in coastal watersheds, local protection strategies, and key information gaps, all with the goal of reversing the trend of wetland loss. Watershed-specfic discussions in the South Atlantic included the Idian River Lagoon and the Middle and Lower Neuse River. NOAA and EPA believe that many of the observations and ideas are transferable through the region and the country.

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