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NOAA Caribbean Strategy
NOAA Caribbean Strategy Approved by Administrator

On June 23, 2014, NOAA Administrator Dr. Kathryn Sullivan approved the NOAA Caribbean
Strategy. The Caribbean Strategy is intended to better coordinate and integrate the abilities of all
NOAA offices to address regional issues and improve partnering, mission effectiveness, and
international cooperation in the Caribbean region. The United States is one of several Caribbean
nations and, as such, has a vested interest in working internally, and with its partners in the
region, to ensure a healthy ecosystem that is well understood and that supports the safety and
livelihoods of its inhabitants.

This strategy supports NOAA’s Next Generation Strategic Plan, the National Ocean Policy, and
the president’s Climate Action Plan, addressing many high-priority objectives, but with a focus
on the Caribbean region. The strategy has three interconnected goals, with subordinate objectives
and near-term and long-term actions:

  • Goal 1: Improved Conservation and Management of Ocean and Coastal Ecosystems and Resources
  • Goal 2: Strengthened Understanding of, and Adaptation to, a Changing Climate
  • Goal 3: Enhanced Multi-Hazard Monitoring, Forecasting, and Risk Management

While under development, the strategy has been used to help guide and realize improved NOAA
coordination and implementation of actions in the Caribbean region. Recent implementation
steps include establishing a cross-NOAA and NOAA partners’ Caribbean steering committee to
assist coordination, and conducting a Caribbean partners’ virtual meeting focused on collecting
information on the means to advance implementation.

Support for NOAA’s efforts in the Caribbean is essential to achieve NOAA’s and the president’s
domestic and international goals, and is enhanced and enabled through the cooperation and
assistance we receive from our partners in the region. NOAA recognizes that stronger
participation of Caribbean countries will extend benefits to both U.S. and Caribbean interests and
that a comprehensive strategy is beneficial for addressing the multifaceted issues within the

Please visit the Strategy at

Dr. Jeffrey L. Payne
Acting Director, NOAA Coastal Services Center

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