Southeast & Caribbean Region

Drought Webinar ImageThe Drought in the Southeast webinar, held on 12 January 2017, addressed issues related to the ongoing drought in the southeast. Speakers reviewed current conditions, factors influencing the drought, and potential for the drought to persist. They also reviewed the NOAA/National Integrated Drought Information System and two Drought Early Warning Systems (DEWS) in the region.

Featured speakers were Ellen Mecray, the NOAA Eastern Region Regional Climate Services Director, Charles Konrad, Director of the Southeast Regional Climate Center at University of North Carolina), and Courtney Black, the NOAA/National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) Regional Drought Information Coordinator. NOAA’s Southeast and Caribbean Regional Team (SECART) sponsored the webinar in partnership with NOAA’s Regional Climate Services Program


SERCC Drought update presentation

Coastal Carolina and ACF DEWS presentation

Webinar recording

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