Great Lakes Region

A portion of the APWA award-winning Stony Island Habitat Restoration Project in the Detroit River during construction.

The recently completed restoration project provides protection and enhances important wetland areas which are limited in the Detroit River. Fish and wildlife habitat structures were incorporated into low profile shoals which now protect Stony Island and the submerged and emergent wetlands. These wetlands provide essential spawning, nursery and feeding areas for Great Lakes native fish such as muskellunge, northern pike, walleye, small and large mouth bass. Wildlife structures for amphibians, reptiles and birds were also incorporated into the project.

This work is to specifically address impairments to fish and wildlife and their habitat within the Detroit River Area of Concern and to ultimately remove this river from the list of significantly degraded areas of the Great Lakes. The Stony Island Habitat Restoration Project will now move on to the national APWA office to compete at that level.

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