Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Region LogoThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has selected the University of Michigan to continue hosting NOAA’s cooperative institute in the Great Lakes region. NOAA made the decision after an open, competitive evaluation to continue funding the Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research (CIGLR), formerly called the Cooperative Institute for Limnology and Ecosystems Research (CILER).

The selection includes a commitment of up to $20 million over the course of the five-year award, and has the potential for renewal, based on successful performance.

CIGLR’s leading-edge research will focus on the sustainable management of the entire Great Lakes region, as well as the development of applications and products, and engagement with stakeholders. In tandem with its sponsor, the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL), CIGLR will examine important regional issues, including harmful algal blooms, invasive species, climate preparedness and the protection of ecosystem services.

Great Lakes Lighthouse

The Great Lakes are vital to the region’s economy, environment and identity. Photo credit: D. O’Keefe, Michigan Sea Grant

As one of NOAA’s 16 Cooperative Institutes across the U.S., CIGLR represents a partnership between nine universities in the Great Lakes region, in addition to multiple nongovernmental and private collaborators. CIGLR complements NOAA’s workforce with a highly skilled, permanent group of research scientists and staff that expand NOAA’s research expertise, and support its mission and goals.

The Great Lakes are a critical resource, providing drinking water to 40 million people. “Our cooperative institutes provide real partnership, expertise and flexibility, which is very important in achieving NOAA’s mission,” said Craig McLean, NOAA’s assistant administrator for NOAA Research. “They provide a talented body of scientists, diverse thinking, and nimble responsiveness to our needs while helping to train the next generation of researchers. Our nation’s stewardship of the Great Lakes, which contain 90 percent of our nation’s surface freshwater, is strengthened by this dynamic research collaboration.”

To read more about CIGLR, please click on this link or contact Mary Ogdahl, CIGLR Program Manager:

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