AuroraSpace weather events are complex with potential to create significant economic consequences, global impacts to communications, satellite and airline operations, manned space flights, navigation and surveying systems as well as the power grid and infrastructure. Space weather events may create a need to quickly locate resources on the Space Weather Prediction Center website as well as space weather information for training, education, and outreach.

The Space Weather Toolkit was created to address this need with the goal of sharing knowledge and expertise. Resources include several products created by the NOAA Central Region Collaboration Team, working closely with the Space Weather Prediction Center, NOAA’s Office of Communications and other key partners, including: Science-on-a-Sphere visualizations; handouts on the Space Weather Prediction Center; four YouTube videos:  An Introduction to Space Weather and the Space Weather Prediction Center; Space Weather Impacts: Power; Space Weather Impacts: Communications; Space Weather Impacts: GPS; and a comprehensive collection of education and outreach resources. Other valuable tools and information sources are made easily available through the Space Weather Toolkit, including Space Weather Prediction Center Information and Tools; Space Weather Training Resources; and NWS Seasonal Safety Campaigns. NOAA’s Space Weather Toolkit is now available for use and distribution to colleagues and interested partners.

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